Therapies Offered for Animals:

Animal Treatments

As a very small child my parents discovered that I have a special gift, I am able to understand animals and use my intuition and other gifts to help them. Over the years I have continued to learn and have increased my knowledge and skills with the help of some very amazing teachers, both human and animal. I specialize in assisting lame and injured horses and other animals improving their mobility,  performance, attitude, and quality of life. It has been my life's quest to help these animals and bring awareness to their owners and caregivers.

I am constantly increasing my knowledge base and continue studies and schooling in many wonderful healing modalities and techniques. 

In 2014, after successfully completing the 3 year course, I graduated from the Vluggen Institute of Equine Osteopathy of San Marcos, TX.

The treatments that I offer are specialized to the animal and their specific needs and concerns. Treatments include but are not limited to a unique and dynamic blend of therapies including Equine Osteopathy,  Tera MaiTM Reiki, Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Animal Communication and intuitive healing which can assist the animal in overcome issues that affect the animal's performance, attitude and movement.

I am available to travel to your area, or you can bring your animal to me either for an individual treatment or for a multiple treatment stay.  


Animal Communication
Offering readings and workshops

Animals communicate on telepathic levels, they are very smart and knowledgeable. I was born with the ability to communicate with animals on this level. By communicating with them I can gain knowledge and gain information about their wellness, health, energy systems, training, performance, feed programs and relay messages from them to you.

Using the intuitive and clairvoyant gifts that I was born with I offer animal communication sessions. I am able to assist you in finding the answers behind behaviour problems and changes in your animals attitude and performance as well as any other issues that may be bothering or plaguing your animal.

I do not need to be in the presence of the animal. When booking a session, please supply me with the animal's name, age, gender, as well as it is helpful, but not necessary, to supply me with a picture of the animal. If you have any specific questions or concerns that you would like addressed, please supply me with these as well. Once you have supplied me with the initial information, I will set aside time at my earliest convenience to connect with your animal. Once I have connected with the animal, I will send an email of the results to you. Discussion and explanation of the results will also be set up either by telephone or by email.

I also offer workshops in Animal Communication that assist you in reconnecting with your intuition and creating a deeper form of communication with your animal. Many successful animal communicators have taken my workshops.

For pricing or for more information you can contact,
Amber Strauch
cell (306)796-7706

DISCLAIMER: Alternative therapies should never replace the advice of a veterinarian. Always consult a veterinarian in case of an emergency.


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