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My parents, Harold & Marg Strauch, began raising top quality performance Quarter Horses coming on 50 years ago.


They met doing what they both love, working with horses. Harold competed in the cutting events and Marg in the barrel racing. They brought into their Quarter Horse breeding program the best of both worlds, race bloodlines with speed and agility mixed with cutting and working cow horse bloodlines with agility and good minds. The resulting offspring are incredibly talented versatile horses with good looks, great minds & personalities that can get you to the top of the pack no matter what game you play. Horses that excel in barrel racing, roping, any timed event, cutting, in the show ring, on the ranch, or under a kid. We work to raise horses that can do it all. I have inherited my parents love, and appreciation of horses and together we continue to produce top Quarter horses. Please check out our Stallions, Broodmares, and Sale Barn pages.


Many years ago, shortly after beginning to raise Quarter Horses, my parents were interested in and saw the need for alternative healing in the horse community. The opportunity presented itself and they began their studies. For many years they worked to help injured animals and increase their knowledge. At some point, along came Amber Strauch, that would be me. I grew up with them in the barn doing treatments and absorbed everything that they had to teach me. I am and have always been very in tune and sensitive to animals and healing therapies came second nature to me. I have since taken numerous courses, seminars and workshops, increasing my knowledge and skills. My passion is helping injured animals and people, improving quality of life and improving performance as well as teaching others. Please check out   the services I provide at OM on the Range Alternative Therapies in the Therapies for You & Your Home, Therapies for your Animal, and Yoga pages.


About 10 years before they started raising Quarter horses, Harold became interested in Hereford cattle, which he then began to raise. Dad along with my brother Tim Strauch continue to raise top quality Registered Polled Herefords. They always have a nice selection of bulls for sale. Check out the  Bulls for Sale  page.


Marg as a young girl became interested in leather carving, which she learned from her father and uncle. Marg has practiced this art ever since, perfecting her skills. She constantly amazes me with the quality of leatherwork that she does. She accepts custom orders, she can carve photos into the leather, or other custom works of art. She can make tack or other items. I always tell people if you can think it, she can make it out of leather… she got mad…. I told her when someone came up with something that she could not make then I would stop saying that. Mom is also available to teach this art to others interested and pass on her knowledge and techniques either in a one on one setting or in small intimate groups.  Check out  the Marg Strauch Leatherwork page.


Thank you so much for checking in, if you happen to be in our area pop us a line, we love a good visit.

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